July Update From The Elephant Farm

 Early Onward peasHello folks ,

The produce is looking catwalk good, we have had the most perfect growing conditions thrown our way. I have been picking pounds and pounds of the "early onwards "peas so will be using these again next year, the ones in the tunnels are producing now and the ones outside will provide when the others have finished...Perfect.

I have used all my broad bean up and these also did extremely well "aquadulce claudia " I used these last year too excellent provider.

The carrots are ready and giving excellent yields as are the beetroots I am using candy pinks, yellow alto, golden burpee, and alto.

We harvested the first international kidney potatoes and they were delicious.

Enjoy this wonderful weather my gardening friends and hope all is blooming in your gardens too . apologies for the north who are probably a few weeks behind us spoilt southern belles but you will be rewarded!

Well another glorious week had by all (except the tip of Scotland! ) and how wonderful the garden is looking. The peas, climbing French beans, beetroots, carrots, salad, even a few chillies have popped their little heads through. Everything is so plentiful and tasting delicious. The elephant restaurant are getting the majority of their veg from us now. The weeds seem to be kind too and as for the slugs and snails... Well not half as bad as I expected (so far ) so all in all life is very good at the moment and providing us with excellent things. Enjoy and soak up the wonderful sunshine .

Here are just a few pictures to show how things are looking:

The Three Stages of MicroGreens!


Our Wild Strawberry Bed

 Jerusalem artichokes

Inside the Tunnel

Oh by the way you can buy small allotment size poly tunnels, well worth the investment as my tunnels proved last year .

Catch you all soon